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Attock Energy as Lead Consultant for 20MW Solar Plant

First published: December 2020, Edited: October 2022

Attock Energy as Lead Consultant for 20MW Solar Plant

We are proud to announce that Attock Energy has been selected as the Lead Consultant for a 20 Megawatt Solar Power Plant in Balochistan.

Attock Energy will be responsible for providing consultancy in the areas of procurement, erection, and commissioning of the solar power plant. This represents a milestone in Attock Energy’s commitment to renewable technology.

Earlier today, Attock Cement signed a tripartite agreement with PROTECH, XINJIANG TBEA Automatic Equipment Co. Ltd, China and LONGI Solar Technology Co. Ltd China along with Attock Energy as lead consultant for their 20MW Solar Power Plant.

Attock Energy will provide its expertise in the renewable energy sector for successful commissioning and testing of the power plant. Attock Energy will be involved in all phases of the project, and keep an eye on progress, quality of materials & work, and give decision making support where required.

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