Solar Projects

Attock Energy Starts Work on 1.1 MW Solar Plant

The world is focusing on clean, green and cheap sources of energy. One hour of sunlight is equivalent to one year’s worth of energy for the planet. Solar energy is harvested by capturing light for direct photovoltaic conversion into electricity.

Attock Oil Group of Companies started its journey in renewable energy sector under the name of Attock Solar (Pvt.) Ltd. in 2015. Starting from full scale R&D and manufacturing under ASPL umbrella, now Attock Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. has entered into EPC contracting. From site survey to civil work to PV plant set-up, testing and commissioning and O&M, AEPL has expanded rather slowly but widely. AEPL also provides consultation services in the renewable energy sector.

The Power Plant

Beginning form residential and small-scale power projects, AEPL has now entered into commercial and industrial scale PV power plants. In late 2019 AEPL signed a contract for establishing a 1.1 MW solar power plant in Rawalpindi area. Project work will be carried out in two phases, 855 kW and 268 kW and the plant will be commissioned in late 2020. Civil work has already started, electrical designs are almost complete while procurement is underway.

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