In a universe that is a lot more polarized, sexuality stereotypes certainly are a powerful device used by individuals who seek to infuse fear, hatred and elegance into others. Oftentimes, one of the most harmful for these stereotypes are directed at women and young girls. These stereotypes not only adversely impact the lives of those that happen to be stereotypically marked, but they also have damaging effects on the society as a whole. This is especially true when it comes to european ladies stereotypes, which can be arguably many of the most detrimental stereotypes of all.

European women have long been the topic of a great deal of negative stereotypes, especially when it comes to their appearance. This really is most conspicuously noticed in films and TV shows, exactly where far eastern european women are described as low, superficial and obsessed with their looks. This is particularly difficult because it reephasizes the notion that eastern euro women are naive and backward, which makes them easier to benefit of.

The depiction of european ladies as yellow metal diggers is yet another common stereotype that is certainly harmful to a man and the population as a whole. This really is based on the belief that asian european females will get married to men with regards to money, rather than because that they love them. This stereotype is harmful as it encourages a misinterpretation of cultural differences between the two individuals, ultimately causing misunderstandings that can lead to violence and a sense of insecurity.

These types of stereotypes are incredibly unsafe for women, as they engender the concept they may have no worth or contribution to make to society. This is why it is important to fight them, and to raise recognition about how they will affect both equally society to be a whole and specific lives.

It is difficult to look for various positive portrayals of euro women in film or TV, yet there are some exceptions. One of the most prominent examples certainly is the show Borat, which features the character of Svetlana Bakalova. This is a female who is essentially reduced to her looks, and she’s constantly getting referred bulgarian woman to seeing that livestock whilst being chained up to a hvalp. Her just contribution to the piece is to make a complaint about staying treated like a princess by American administration, while spouting her local language of Ukrainian.

Another case in point of an negative portrayal of far eastern european ladies is the present Emily in Paris, which usually features the character of Valerie Chernenko. In this present, Valerie is portrayed mainly because an unintelligent, vapid, and shallow identity that is obsessed with her overall look and only cares about luxury goods. This is a terrible representation of your eastern european woman, and this reinforces a neo-colonialist check out of the western world that helps bring about stereotypes regarding east european countries. It is necessary to concern these stereotypes, and to highlight how detrimental they can be with regards to both european and far eastern european women.

ХКритикал удовлетворяет всем требованиям к платежам, включая Pay In, Pay Out, Risk и Analytics. Единая интеграция охватывает все платежные потоки.

Slavic females appreciate males who will be chivalrous. Making headway and taking their luggage are solutions to make them feel exceptional.

They also appreciate those who are genuine with them. This is a core benefit in their culture.

Confidence is very important to Slavic women. They believe that solid men can provide and protect.

1 . Make her laugh

Slavic women desire to be lauded and bathed with interest. They want to feel ideal and want a man that is confident enough to run after them.

Old-fashioned chivalry is alive and well in Slavic dating tradition. She’ll take pleasure in you with regards to opening doors, leading russian beauties review the date, and taking care of her needs. She will also enjoy the small things like giving her blossoms and surprising her with a candlelit dinner.

2 . Be described as a gentleman

Females from this customs love gentlemanly behavior, and in addition they appreciate the moment men happen to be confident. So don’t beat about the bush; be straightforward with her and let her know you are seriously interested in her.

Be thoughtful of her family as well. Slavic way of life is good and her loved ones are very important to her. Be sure you respect that by welcoming them for lunch and other sociable events.

3. Be honest

Slavic women love men so, who are honest. They also like to hear about your achievements and goals in every area of your life.

Show your day you value her simply by opening doors on her and carrying her luggage. Also, always be chivalrous by simply showing her the respect and confidence.

Entertain Slavic lovely lady that you really care about her by giving her attention. The woman especially enjoys when she gets desired.

4. Be loving

Slavic young ladies are very loving and adore to make their particular dates happy. They like to feel desired and such as the courting process, so they are more impressed with a person who displays genuine interest in her.

Try to impress her with unforgettable experiences and adrenaline pushes, rather than materials gifts. For instance , take her to a live performance of her favorite artist or pay for a eat outside on character.

5. End up being open-minded

Slavic women really like confident males. They discover confidence seeing that male prowess and they still find it a mans duty to supply for and protect his loved ones.

In addition they dislike matching with men who will never be serious about conference in person. Various Slavic women of all ages are disappointed when they hear about their West lovers corresponding with them for years without the plans to meet.

6th. Be a good listener

Slavic girls value genuine connection. They appreciate it when you really listen to all of them on schedules.

She also appreciates if you are thinking about learning about her culture. This can be a sign that you respect her and her homeland.

Slavic women contain a close-knit family lifestyle, so show her that you care about her and her folks. She will give back the love by caring for you and your family.

several. Be honest with the feelings

Slavic women love men exactly who are chivalrous and sincere. Open doors on their behalf, carry their bags, and stay thoughtful with all your language.

Avoid lengthy sagas in your initially messages as these may be challenging to translate and could offend her. She’s required to decide anyone is not a fit on her behalf after your initial messages.

Slavic females take love very seriously and would not tolerate a person who is succinct, pithy or disloyal. Be real and genuine with your feelings when online dating Slavic women of all ages.

8. Become a good sport

Slavic gals appreciate woefully outdated chivalry. Demonstrate to her that youre a man by beginning the doors on her behalf, leading her on occassions, and treating her with respect.

Slavic women come from good family cultures and are often devoted to their partners. Ensure that you handle her with respect and be mindful of her family unit. She’ll always be impressed by the consideration. In addition, she enjoys men who’s positive and competent.

being unfaithful. Be a great cook

Slavic women are really family-oriented. They will place a top quality on their close relationships, and they value a person who places his family group above all else.

She will appreciate if you’re chivalrous and create new opportunities for her and give to carry her bag. She also interests when you make her guffaw. Try impressing her at a karaoke bar or taking her to a workshop that’s both fun and educational.

10. Be a close friend

Slavic girls appreciate a guy who is nurturing and well intentioned. They also value family traditions and are very loyal.

Maintain your communication brief and fairly sweet when going out with a Slavic girl. Long sagas will not interest her, and this girl may think you’re a weary.

Slavic gals like to bust a gut heartily and joke themselves. They can become a lot of fun to hold out with.

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Sugar daddy day is a web based seeing site that helps people connect with potential glucose daddies. This allows visitors to find each other based on the interests and goals pertaining to the relationship. Additionally, it enables individuals to make an association without the pressure of having to invest money. Very low reputation for the purpose of staying safe and reliable, numerous sites verify incomes, have exact search filtration, and offer pretty prolonged personality testing. This website is an effective option for anyone looking to find a sugardaddy to advisor them in a variety of methods.

When you meet the sugar daddy for the first time, you intend to make a fantastic impression built in. You may be stressed or excited, but try to keep the connection light and entertaining. During the time frame, you should keep eye contact with your sugardaddy to show them that you are paying attention and interested in these people. You should also try to avoid getting too vital or challenging.

The easiest way to discover a sugar daddy is by joining a sugar internet dating web-site. These websites have got a fast enrollment process and you can start to browse for potential fits immediately. After registering, you should update your account with appealing photos and information about your wants and needs in a relationship. You can also produce a list of your favorite activities and hobbies to help you find an recommended match.

One of the most well-known sugar daddy dating websites is definitely SeekingArrangement. The web page is completely totally free for women, yet men have to pay to warning women or view their private photos. The website is secure and uses moderators to ensure that members happen to be honest and never spamming this website. In addition to locating a sugardaddy, you can also join an online community of people who are searching for mutually beneficial relationships.

There are several various kinds of sugar daddies, but the most frequent is a person who has a lot of throw away income. This kind of sugar daddy relishes going to slap-up restaurants, concerts, and events. He also loves to be surrounded by beautiful people. Undoubtedly one of my friends used to have a sugardaddy who took her out mainly because his adjustable rate mortgage candy by charity fundraisers, and this girl got to wear one of the most glamorous dresses.

A different sort of sugar daddy is known as a man who’s looking for someone to look at his head off of work-related stress. He might be having difficulties in the marital relationship or job, and he is looking for anyone to talk to. He might be considering a divorce.

If you are internet dating a rich sugar daddy, try taking these people out to a style park or other attractions which can be designed for entertaining. This will help these people chill out and have awesome. You can also take the tablets to a attractive bar following the park in order to get their drink on. Having beverages together may help you build up a bond and start to discover them better.

11 Best AI Calendars for Effortless Meeting Scheduling

ai for scheduling

It can help you increase productivity, reclaim control over your everyday schedule, and handle everything on your task list. Since it can do so many useful things, an AI calendar assistant is vital to your business calendar management. If your sales process involves group meetings to get the buy-in of all the decision makers, finding the time to make it happen can be terrible. Like when handling 1-on-1s, Scheduler will take care of suggesting times based on the data it finds on your calendar.

The Future Of Technology In Arbitration: AI And Blockchain … – Mondaq News Alerts

The Future Of Technology In Arbitration: AI And Blockchain ….

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The implementation of AI into your scheduling process can be a game-changer. For example, in the domain of image generation, generative AI can analyze a large dataset of images and learn the common features and patterns. It can then generate new images that possess similar characteristics, such as objects, textures, and colors, but are entirely unique and never seen before. These systems are now able to access titanic reams of information and data in seconds, which in turn means that we have that information at our disposal too. Field service management is all we do, and we specialize in creating the best experience for your field workforce and consumers while helping you become more efficient, productive, and profitable. With SkyPlanner’s help you are able to manage phase chains more efficiently than ever.

Task Planning

With this information at your fingertips, you can more easily correct inefficiencies, set goals, and take advantage of strategic opportunities. As an EA, you likely deal with scheduling challenges on a daily basis. Scheduling may sound simple in theory, but we all know how complicated executive calendars can get.

ai for scheduling

From chatbots to menial tasks, AI can save time and provide genuine happiness to all stakeholders in your business. Generative AI can automate the scheduling tasks, freeing up staff time for other business-critical tasks. Furthermore, it can optimize the use of resources by scheduling appointments in a way that maximizes resource utilization, ensuring that no valuable time or assets go to waste.

There are now 13 months in a year.

This not only enhances efficiency but also improves the overall user experience. AI scheduling assistants are set to become an integral part of the workplace of the future. Any cost or time saving implementation that allows for human efforts better spent elsewhere should always be considered. The essence of these tools is to bring clarity, efficiency, and focus back into our daily professional and personal lives. They are not just organizational instruments but are architects of a well-structured and harmonious work-life symphony.

Factories that are using SkyPlanner APS save an enourmous amount of time and resources. Optimizing production plans after every single change can be frustrating and inefficient. Motion is best for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses such as design agencies, construction businesses, and real estate offices. You don’t want to find that the capabilities of your software are outgrown as your business grows. Check the scalability of any proposed software and its ability to handle larger workloads and a larger user base. Clockwise takes the security & privacy of your data very seriously, and that hasn’t changed with the launch of Clockwise AI Scheduler.

Best scheduling AI tool for syncing team calendars

Clockwise creates blocks of uninterrupted focus time so you can find your flow state. Reclaim only adds blocks to your calendar, it doesn’t reschedule or modify any of your existing events.We won’t decline stuff or make changes to anything not created by us. If you turn on a feature and then decide you don’t want the time blocks on your calendar anymore, simply turn it off, and we’ll remove all of them from your calendar automatically. Aside from offering AI-based scheduling features, Ayanza provides more smart features than most solutions on this list. As if that wasn’t enough, Ayanza also lets you test its services for free. It’s easy to tap into Ayanza’s immense scheduling and management power and transform how you communicate, collaborate, and conduct business.

ai for scheduling

Aside from helping you stay on top of business communications, AI schedulers can also help you upgrade your customer service to improve customer engagement and attract more loyal customers. With an increasing number of AI calendar schedulers on the market, AI has become the main powerhouse solution for countless business organizations. If you’re in the same boat—or in rougher waters—pick up the AI calendar app that speaks to your pain the most.

Best AI Calendar Apps & Scheduling Software To 10x Your Productivity

In this crazy, chaotic world we live in, keeping up with our schedules can feel like trying to herd cats. An AI scheduling assistant comes in handy to simplify scheduling, boost efficiency, and save you precious time. It is smart to look for ways to avoid unequally discriminating against your staffs ability to earn via scheduling policies. If the goal is specified in LTLf (linear time logic on finite trace) then the problem is always EXPTIME-complete[11] and 2EXPTIME-complete if the goal is specified with LDLf. We speak of “contingent planning” when the environment is observable through sensors, which can be faulty.

  • This is done just to have a one-on-one word with the customers so that you can convince them to become loyal customers.
  • All you have to do is allow the bot to view and edit your executive’s calendar, set the appropriate calendar preferences, and let the bot do the rest.
  • As leaders, they are constantly pulled in different directions and it’s up to you, the assistant, to prioritize and set boundaries.
  • From coordinating meetings across different time zones to finding that magic spot in the calendar that accommodates ten busy board members, scheduling can quickly turn into a tricky game of tetris.
  • You’ll never have to worry about scheduling conflicts again, and you will be able to replace absent employees with best-fit alternatives at the click of a button.

Top AI features include a smart time finder with calendar analytics, a time blocker with Free and Busy options, and advanced task management with integrated task lists and project management tools. After that, I signed up for each AI scheduling app and added my schedule, making some changes to see how the platform adapted as I did. I set up meetings with myself (via a bunch of separate calendar accounts) and rearranged events over the course of a week. I explored the settings, tried out all the available features, and watched the robots create my schedule for me. Based on all that experience researching and testing these tools, here are the best AI calendar apps.

Optimize your chaotic schedule in minutes with Reclaim — we’re here to help your team along the way.

While you might wonder how artificial intelligence can improve these processes, one common theme across all applications is that it improves productivity. With scheduling software, AI functionality can analyze the historical data it’s been collecting since its implementation. Then, it uses this data to produce insights and efficiencies in the scheduling process. Todoist has been around since 2007 as a to-do list and task manager app designed to organize your work and personal life. Reclaim clarity in your day by organizing all your tasks in one visual dashboard. We have hundreds of research-backed AI tools to cover every role and use case, so you can spend more time on the important stuff.

  • With the advent of AI, the approach to scheduling has undergone a significant transformation.
  • This smart AI calendar also reschedules undone work after doing a daily task to avoid leaving any work undone.
  • Your tasks scheduled with Trevor are synchronized in real-time, ensuring that you’re always up to date with your schedule.
  • With the help of artificial intelligence, these assistants can consider your availability, co-workers’ schedules, time zones, and location preferences to suggest the best meeting times.
  • With customizable workspaces, filters, and integrations with over 100 tools, Todoist offers a robust solution for freelancers and businesses to streamline their tasks and priorities.

AI scheduling assistants can offer personalized recommendations and tips based on your preferences so you can make informed decisions and tackle any calendar-related hiccups with ease. Your behavior and history with your AI scheduling assistant also forms the basis of later learning and ongoing optimization, developing and growing in tandem for a more tailored experience. Manufacturing environments have operated using manual work and human logic for decades. Endless hours moving tasks around on a spreadsheet and yet, our production did not run efficiently.

SkyPlanner’s built-in AI optimizes the production of a factory in seconds. Finally it’s time to say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual production planning. Here at Celayix, we are the only workforce management solution that implements AI into the scheduling process. If you’d like to find out how we do this, our Solutions Advisors are always happy to answer any questions, or show you how it works in a free live demo. As long as you sign in with your Microsoft or Google corporate account, Scheduler can coordinate free/busy availability with anyone inside your organization.

By utilizing ServicePower’s patented artificial intelligence scheduling algorithm, your enterprise organization can optimize routes continuously and intelligently schedule parts more efficiently. With a simple command, Scheduler generates customized links based on your requested time frame, duration, and the group you include in the email. These AI-powered scheduling links are available 24/7, providing flexibility and convenience for all parties involved.Personalization is a key feature of

ai for scheduling

Read more about here.


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Called lease expense under ASC 842, this aggregated expense is recorded in the operating section of the income statement. Revenue is therefore not an asset or equity rather it is used to invest in assets, pay off liabilities, and pay dividends to shareholders. However, even though revenue is not recorded on a balance sheet like the asset and equity, it is accounted for on a balance sheet using other entries, like cash, sales, and accounts receivable. This is usually done through a double entry system which uses debits and credits.

For example, if a company takes on a bank loan to be paid off in 5-years, this account will include the portion of that loan due in the next year. Accounts Payables, or AP, is the amount a company owes suppliers for items or services purchased on credit. As the company pays off its AP, it decreases along with an equal amount decrease to the cash account.

Future payments for rent-related to operating leases were previously off-balance sheet transactions. This was beneficial to lessees in that the obligation for those payments did not drive up the liability balance. However, ASC 842 aims to increase transparency for stakeholders by including a lease liability and corresponding ROU asset on the balance sheet for operating leases.

Terms Similar to Fees Earned

Other names for income are revenue, gross income, turnover, and the “top line.” These accounts have different names depending on the company structure, so we list the different account names in the chart below. A decrease in liabilities increases equity, but an increase in liabilities decreases equity. Likewise, increasing assets increases equity, but a decrease in assets lowers equity. Examples of liability accounts that display on the Balance Sheet include Accounts Payable, Sales Tax Payable, Payroll Liabilities, and Notes Payable.

  • This is the money that the operation of the business brings to a company.
  • On the 10th of every month, the tenant deducts TDS say 10% on the rent amount i.e. 100,000 at the time of payment of rent to XYZ Ltd.
  • This is usually done through a double entry system which uses debits and credits.
  • Once the rent expense is due and incurred, the rent expense is recorded in the income statement of the respective financial year.

Doing this will help you see everything with businesses — the good and the bad. And doing so will also give you an edge over other investors who don’t want to put in as much work. For example, many travelers book places to stay with Airbnb (ABNB 1.58%) months before their travel dates. These travelers pay Airbnb at the time of booking, and this money immediately hits Airbnb’s coffers. Once they check in, it sends money to the property owners and retains a percentage for its own revenue. So Airbnb’s revenue often comes in months before it can be recognized, and the company doesn’t retain everything that initially came in.

Examples of Rental Revenue in a sentence

The period of non-current assets usually expands from 2 years to 10 years or more. Property, plant, equipment, and fixed assets are part of the long-term assets. The long-term assets or non-current assets include the items and resources that cannot be quickly converted into cash. Prepaid expenses are the future expenses paid in advance and treated as a current asset on the balance sheet until the expenses are incurred. The treatment of prepaid expenses, unearned revenue, accrued income, and expenses vary in accrual and cash accounting.

Income Earned From Upfront Payment

For example, assume a tenant pays your small business $4,000 on the fifth day of each month for the previous month‘s rent. At the end of the month, debit $4,000 to rent receivable and credit $4,000 to rent income in your general ledger. At the end of the month, you must account for the portion of the upfront payment you have earned as rental income in your general ledger. Record a debit to the unearned rent account for the amount of one month’s rent and a credit to the rent income account for the same amount. Using the previous example, debit $2,000 to unearned rent and credit $2,000 to rent income at month-end.

Rental Revenue definition

However, in order to own more assets, companies can make use of their revenues or liabilities to purchase assets. Therefore, revenue is not an asset but can be used to invest in assets. The money that the company earns from business activities that are not its core business operations is nonoperating revenue. A typical example of this is the interest that the business receives from investments known as interest income. Other examples of nonoperating revenues include dividend income and asset sales. Rent expense (and any other expense) will reduce a company’s owner’s equity (or stockholders’ equity).


The IRS allows companies to deduct ordinary and necessary business expenses, which include rent payments, from their taxable income. By deducting rent expenses, companies can reduce their taxable income, which in turn lowers their overall tax liability. After the rent abatement period ends, the tenant is usually required to resume regular rent payments as outlined in the lease agreement. It is crucial for both landlords and tenants to clearly document the terms of the rent expense abatement in the lease agreement to avoid confusion or disputes in the future. Additionally, any impact on other aspects of the lease such as lease term extension or rent escalations should also be addressed and agreed upon during the negotiation process. Rent expense is the payment made to a landlord for the rental space that is used by the company.

Real-World Example for Property Rent Expense

Based on standard accounting practices, revenue can be calculated differently using cash basis accounting or accrual basis accounting. These two common accounting methods do not use the same process for measuring revenue. Investors, when evaluating the health of a business, investors consider the revenue and net income of a company separately. This is because a company’s net income can grow even when its revenues can remain stagnant due to cost-cutting.

Série de animação que estreou sem grandes alardes no streaming, mas logo chamou atenção do público, Samurai de Olhos Azuis é um anime ambientada no Japão do século 17. Criado e escrito pelo casal Michael Green (Logan), o título gira em torno de uma mestre espadachim mestiça de olhos azuis que busca vingança contra quatro homens estrangeiros que tentaram dominar o Japão. Com um ritmo acelerado, que mescla as tensões geopolíticas da trama com as tensões do casamento da protagonista, a série criada por Debora Cahn (The West Wing) já foi renovada para uma segunda temporada. A boa recepção da crítica, inclusive, garantiu ao show uma indicação ao Globo de Ouro de Melhor Série de Drama, além da indicação de Melhor Atriz em Série de Drama para Russell. Minissérie de seis episódios que fala sobre a crise dos opióides — um sério problema de saúde pública dos EUA —, a produção mostra as descobertas feitas por uma investigadora, ainda nos anos 90, a respeito da epidemia causada pelo fármaco OxyContin no mercado. Séries como o aguardado live-action de One Piece e a minissérie Treta não saíram da boca do povo (e dos comentários das redes sociais), mesmo semanas após a sua exibição.

  • Título que passou despercebido para muita gente, mas foi uma das grandes revelações do ano, Nyad é um drama esportivo sobre a nadadora Diana Nyad.
  • Ambientada em quatro anos diferentes (1890, 1941, 2023 e 2053), a produção acompanha um mesmo cadáver que aparece nesses quatro períodos e dá início a uma série de investigações intercruzadas.
  • Ambientado em um futuro medieval, o título conta a história de Ballister Boldheart, um cavaleiro acusado de um crime que não cometeu, que precisa aceitar a ajuda de Nimona, uma jovem metamorfa que também sabe como é ser perseguida.
  • Em nota, a ministra da Cultura, Margareth Menezes, disse que a Política Nacional Aldir Blanc representa uma grande oportunidade para se nacionalizar o fomento da cultura no país.

Dividida em seis capítulos, ela não é baseada em eventos reais, embora muito tenha se especulado sobre o assunto na época de seu lançamento. A Petrobras e a Vale foram as empresas que mais distribuíram dividendos em 2023, mas ambas registraram queda nos volumes de bônus pagos aos acionistas, com reduções de 50% e 13%, respectivamente, para R$ 62,8 bilhões e R$ 28,9 bilhões. Em terceiro lugar no ranking das empresas que mais pagaram dividendos está o Banco do Brasil, com R$ 13,1 bilhões de proventos distribuídos aos acionistas neste ano, seguido por Itaú Unibanco, com R$ 12,4 bilhões. A Ten foi uma das empresas pioneiras na realização de assembleias virtuais no Brasil! Dessa maneira, criamos um sistema que atende as necessidades da CVM, DREI, juntas comerciais e cartórios emitindo relatórios para cada categoria de órgão.

Polícia confirma participação de PMs na morte de moradores em situação de rua

Ambientada em quatro anos diferentes (1890, 1941, 2023 e 2053), a produção acompanha um mesmo cadáver que aparece nesses quatro períodos e dá início a uma série de investigações intercruzadas. Sucesso absoluto desde sua estreia, o live-action conseguiu agradar os fãs da saga, mas também abraçar um novo público, que não necessariamente tinha algum passado com a franquia. De acordo com o site de métricas FlixPatrol, inclusive, o live-action conseguiu superar o recorde de Wandinha e Stranger Things, sendo o título da Netflix em primeiro lugar em mais países. Sem perder o humor ácido que sempre foi uma de suas principais características, a série lançou sua quarta e última temporada em setembro deste ano, deixando muita gente triste com seu fim, mas emocionada pela forma honesta como foi encerrada.

Assim como o mundo evoluiu, com as transferências internacionais não foi diferente! Ao acessar o Painel Transferências Abertas +Brasil, o usuário poderá obter informações de todas as transferências operadas na Plataforma +Brasil, por meio de mapa que demonstra os valores dos investimentos e a quantidade de transferências por estado. Ainda poderá realizar consultas mais específicas por meio do Painel das “Discricionárias e Legais”, que contém informações sobre convênios, contratos Democrático: Bootcamp de programação é porta de entrada para o mercado de TI de repasse, termos de fomento, termos de colaboração, termos de parceria e termos de compromisso. Título que passou despercebido para muita gente, mas foi uma das grandes revelações do ano, Nyad é um drama esportivo sobre a nadadora Diana Nyad. Dirigido por Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi (Free Solo), o longa se debruça sobre um momento bem específico da carreira da atleta quando, aos sessenta anos, Diana decide nadar mais de 160 km em mar aberto, fazendo um trajeto de Cuba à Flórida.

Morre Gil de Ferran, ícone do automobilismo brasileiro e bicampeão da Fórmula Indy

Não à toa, ao menos até outubro, a season era o lançamento deste ano mais assistido da plataforma em todo o Reino Unido. Estrelada por Uzo Aduba (Orange is The New Black) e Matthew Broderick (Curtindo a Vida Adoidado), a série de drama não teve medo de dar nome aos envolvidos, mostrando a ascensão e queda de um dos esquemas de drogas mais rentáveis e destrutivos do país. Além disso, como drama, a produção entregou atuações brilhantes, que deram ainda mais veracidade à dimensão do problema. De acordo com Wendell Finotti, principal executivo (CEO) e fundador da Meu Dividendo, como em 2024, deve haver a decisão a respeito das novas regras sobre o uso do JCP pelas companhias.

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