When I first started using Thai Love Links back in the late 00’s, it was an irrepressible phenomenon

You could literally go on the internet, chat with a girl for a short-time and ask her to spend the night together all within the space of a few minutes. While traveling around Thailand, you could easily make arrangements to meet a girl wherever you happened to be going and hook up for the night in your hotel room with very little difficulty. It was a moveable feast: one not driven by exchange of money but just delight in the opportunity. More than once, even when a friend was brought along for security, it just meant that eventually I would get to have both. Heady times indeed!

But times have now changed somewhat, and Thai women have become less trusting of foreign men on the internet. There are regular warnings in the press telling of the “dangers” of such meetings. Of course, the most likely problem to occur might be an unplanned one-night stand, but xenophobia runs deep and irrationally through the Thai psyche.