Notes about Brandeis Muslim Chaplain regarding the Ramadan and you can student accomodations


Ramadan, the fresh new ninth month of Muslim calendar, the most sacred times to own Muslims. This is the month in which it is believed that the latest Holy Qur’an is actually delivered down out-of heaven “as an information for men and female, a declaration regarding assistance, and you can a way of salvation.”

With this day, Muslims observe a rigorous punctual out of dawn up until sunset. They are not permitted to drink or eat (actually liquid) during the daylight hours. Accelerated try a personal operate regarding worship bringing about nearness in order to Goodness, including a form of religious discipline and you will an easy method so you can sympathize that have men and women quicker fortunate. The newest fast is damaged after the afternoon which have prayer and you will a joyful meal named a keen iftar. It is custoily and you will family relations after the iftar.

Throughout Ramadan, of numerous Muslims look at the mosque and you will purchase hrs praying. In addition to the four every single day prayers which can be element of the brand new center off Islam, Muslims recite another type İsveççe kadın of prayer called the Tarawih prayer (night prayer).